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Super-Size Your Self-Esteem While Sleeping

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The next time you are feeling bluesy, think about this.

We have arguably the most creative mind in the known universe. Our mind spends a big portion of time sleeping and a major portion of that sleeping time dreaming. If it weren’t productive we wouldn’t bother to dream at all, and instead just get a good night’s sleep. If we accept this premise that dreaming serves many useful purposes, perhaps the most valuable amongst these is the fact that dreams regulate our moods.

We usually never wake up from a dream with knowledge -- we wake up with a feeling. These feelings that we experience have the ability to boost our self-esteem. In almost all cases the purpose of dreams is to ensure that we wake up as positive and optimistic as possible, and willing to go out into the world, feed ourselves and pass on our genes.

Special note should be taken during periods of low self-esteem, melancholy and insecurity. During these periods, one would experience dreams of elevators going up, ladders being climbed, and mountains being ascended. These are all symbols of elevation of moods and elevation of spirits.

Low self-esteem can only reside in memories of the past or fear of the future. It doesn’t reside where we are actually living, in the present.

Dreams dismiss all emotions and feelings that are unproductive and that have been dealt with -- it’s like taking out the trash. You can call it our mental and emotional disposal system.

Once the unproductive emotions are eliminated, symbols of success and achievement appear. And when we wake up there is a feeling that the glass is half full and not half empty. Winston Churchill said that, “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another without the loss of enthusiasm.” Dreams maintain the enthusiasm while we think we are just sleeping.

Five quick tips to build self-esteem while slumbering:

  • Disconnect yourself from the day’s activities and don’t allow your mind to wander to tomorrow.
  • Recite a positive affirmation such as: “I am unrestricted. Everything is possible. So be it.”
  • Visualize a moment in your life where you felt successful.
  • Allow yourself to drift off.
  • Upon awakening, say to yourself: “I sense good fortune all around me and I invite it into my life.”

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